Tips on Grilling

Posted on July 7, 2011
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1. Start fire 45 minutes to 1 hour ahead of time. Hold your hand over fire — it is ready if you cannot keep hand there for a count of 3.

2. If food is too close to hot coals, food will scorch on outside and not be done on inside. If too far away, food dries out and is tough.

3. Turn foods as few times as possible so that natural juices are not lost into the fire (which causes smoke or flame).

4. Practice grilling first side until food is about 60 percent done. (Exceptions are small kebabs such as Yakatori.)

5. Remember foods basted with a sugar-base sauce burn more quickly.

6. When grilling skewered food, often use several skewers to keep food flat for even cooking and appearance. The Japanese have several methods for this — flat skewering, stitch skewering, and fan skewering.

7. Use a covered grill to mesquite or other aromas can penetrate the food as it is cooking.

8. Be sure your grill is perfectly cleaned and well-oiled.

9. If you need to get skewers farther away from heat source, rest skewer ends on bricks.

10. Let food come to room temperature before grilling.

11. A light coating of oil helps to keep meat and fish juicy and tender.

12. To raise the heat of the fire, pack the coals closely together and open the vents. To lower the heat, do the opposite.

13. Cook fatty foods over a drip pan with hot coals to either side.


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