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Posted on September 27, 2016
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First Published by Debbie Gore in 2011

“What is the true meat of your success” is the question I asked Renie Steves in my Recipe for Life interview, and it seems everything stemmed from there. In the 1970s, Renie and her family served as good will ambassadors for overseas oil investors traveling in Texas, Renie would throw cocktail parties for the foreign visitors and invite neighbors and friends. Up to 120 people would gather to meet, greet, and feast. “They were such an amazing audience, and unbeknownst to me, were creating my reputation.”

That reputation as a spectacular hostess set the stage for what would become a lifelong career. Renie began taking every cooking class she could find, including twice-a-week private cooking lessons with famous Chef Charles Finance (from the Hotel School in Lucerne), who had retired in Fort Worth. She learned to cook the best of classic cuisine over the next 12 years. The benevolence of Chef Finance set Renie on a course of paying it forward, one that had a definite beginning, but no end in sight. In that spirit, Renie began offering cooking lessons so she could share what she had learned. Her fascination with food, wine, and traveling expanded to being recognized in the field of food and wine writing.

Renie mentioned luck several times in the interview, but I view it as recognizing a path intended for you. Renie said, “Luck entails being at the right place at the right time. I was and I am. In fact, I could go so far as to say, I will be.”

Recipe for Life
“Meat” of her successful recipe (main project with purpose): Renie is continually learning about food and wine from traveling around the world and meeting people that are on the cutting edge in these industries and by judging food and wine competitions. Pairing her teaching and culinary talents, Renie created the company “Cuisine Concepts” to bring her wealth of knowledge of food, wine and travel experiences to students that share her passions.

Under the Cuisine Concepts umbrella, she writes articles on wine, food, restaurant reviews, and shares stories and photographs of her travels. She still gives the occasional private cooking lesson, bringing her full-circle to how she started her own journey.

“Spice” of life (adds fun and flavor): Renie’s social life overlaps with work. She always wants to help people understand the fun of food and wine and the camaraderie it brings to those gathered at one table. She says, “think about sitting around a table set with Italian ceramics, eating a sensuous wild mushroom risotto and sipping a silky red wine.” Teaching is happiness for me . . . I can’t share my knowledge about cooking and wine fast enough.”

“Complexity” of Renie’s “Recipe for Life” (the facets of life): Renie truly “has never met a stranger.” She is still close to childhood friends from Shreveport, Louisiana, seeks to meet up with college friends even when traveling abroad, and cultivates new friendships each time she leaves home. Whether she is at a neighborhood restaurant or on a press tour overseas, Renie watches people and makes a new friend every day. She discovered a long time ago that you can only learn while you are listening, not while you are talking. Renie always puts that to use and can draw out even the most reticent person. While she is happiest when listening to someone tell her about an “aha” moment of their own, she is most gratified when she can share a morsel of knowledge that she has gleaned through her experiences and travels.

Renie’s recipe on a “budget” (financial comfort of having diversity in projects):** **Renie’s projects keep her focused on food and wine. Whether helping write recipes for a new cookbook “Culinaria: The United States” or writing about Texas Wine Trails for a “North American Wine Routes” book, Renie feels lucky and fortunate to have such fulfilling work. Before writing her own books,”Dallas is Cooking!” and “Fort Worth is Cooking!” Renie tested the restaurant chefs’ recipes so they would be friendly for the home cook.

“Binder” of Renie’s recipe (bringing it all together with balance): Renie believes that “people who love to eat seem to be the happiest souls, and with a lot of luck I have surrounded myself with these people.” Renie keeps a lot of balls in the air with writing, teaching, travel, and family, but those all weave together as one resplendent cloth that binds her life together.

“Health” of Renie’s recipe (self-care): As a two-time cancer survivor, Renie pays careful attention to her health. She doesn’t miss her checkups, especially since her colon cancer was discovered in a routine exam. Exercise is her outlet for both physical well-being and social fun. She forces herself to get enough sleep which always proves to be the biggest challenge for her.

“Nourishment” of the recipe (makes life full and satisfying):** **Renie Steves has taken the people she loves in life: family, friends, and those who assist her and keep her organized and blends them with travel, food and wine for a nourishing and satisfying “Recipe for Life.”


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