Tips on Grilling

1. Start fire 45 minutes to 1 hour ahead of time. Hold your hand over fire — it is ready if you cannot keep hand there for a count of 3. 2. If food is too close to hot coals, food will scorch on outside and not be done on inside. If too far away, […]


Creative Full-Flavored Food

Perhaps we are all at risk in the way we eat, but some more than others. I believe in doing what is necessary for you. But however you chose to eat, the secret is creative full-flavored food with taste. Maximum aroma, color, texture and taste are the essentials. Eat a wide variety of foods. Use […]


Eighteen Tips for Successful Saucemaking

1. Proper utensils such as heavy saucepans to distribute heat evenly, a wire whisk, a wooden spatula, a skimmer, and a chinois or fine strainer make for ease in sauce making. 2. Use quality ingredients for the freshest tasting sauces. If using fresh herbs, use 3 times the amount of dried herbs called for. Dried […]


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